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Documents you will need for Torts

Below you will find a list of links to readings that are not included in the textbook.

Course Materials

Course Outline (updated February 24, 2015)

The Legal Toolbox blog
(you should consider subscribing to this blog which offers good tips on preparing for class, outlining and studying for exams.  Here are some examples:  Law School 101,  Should you use a computer to take notes in class (part 1, part 2)?  Here is another article on that same subject.

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Class #3

Class #4

Dr. Seuss, The Zax (print), (video)

Class #5

Class #6

Problem #1
(not for class discussion; it is a good way to practice reviewing some of the material covered in the course so far)

Holyfield vs. Tyson

The Queen v. Dudley and Stevens (video)
(not for class discussion; you can start at about the 13:00 minute mark)

Notes on Privileges

Class #7
(recommended) (also available here)

Class #8

Class #9

Class #11

Recommended readings (not for class discussion) on medical malpractice:

Class #13

Class #14

Class #16

Class #17

Class #19

Why beer is so important for civilization (article, video)
(recommended only; not for class discussion)

Class #22

Class #23

Class #26

Class #27

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